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Interior Designers: The Complete
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Build More Profitable Client Relationships And Earn $5,000, $20,000, $30,000, $44,000 More Income

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"I always feel charged and back on task after learning from you. I wanted to share some recent wins. After last week's call on "Constraints", I gave some sincere thought to what I LOVE to do in my business... window treatments... I wrote in my gratitude journal the same evening "I have two window treatment clients in February". The next day, a past client called to order two valances. I know the second client will come soon. I also learned from you about qualifying leads. So long story, hope you see that I put your sage advice to work.

- Your biggest fan, Tami S.

"This was fantastic! I really gained great insight from many of the topics, but the big aha was about my website. It really is a laundry list, and I have to redo it to focus on the customers' wants and needs. Thank you so much.

- Diane S.

"The biggest AHA moment for me was learning that asking more/better questions makes me come across more knowledgeable. I always worried that I was being too nosy!!

- Deb P.

"I learned that clients have many fears of making the wrong decision and being taken advantage of. I will definitely be doing a better job of explaining to clients how I am looking out for their best interests and repeat it to them often throughout their projects.

- Leslie C.

Dear Interior Designer...

Are you finding that HGTV's unrealistic portrayal of interior designers has transformed consumers into more difficult clients?

Has the Internet created a monster? Do clients check your prices online and even purchase their own products? Are they stealing the profit you used to earn?

Are you facing...

  • Smaller projects
  • Tighter budgets and
  • More competition…from your own clients?

Survive and thrive in this new marketplace for design services with Value Based Fees.

What are Value Based Fees?

Base your fees on what your prospect really wants – an amazing result and experience... not an endless series of expensive time bills and mark-ups.

Does This Make Any Sense?

Nearly 7 out of 10 of your customers want fixed fees because they hate surprises, outrageous bills, and high mark-ups.

Yet you’re probably billing your clients by the hour -- just like 94.4% of interior designers do.

You Can Do It The Way You've Always Done It... Or...

Confidently lead your prospects to choose you as their interior design professional over less qualified competitors who still try to make them do business their way instead of the way the prospect really wants to be served and without high-pressure selling tactics.

  • Especially if you hate selling and marketing, learn effortless techniques to guide your prospects so you get the client!
  • Address your client’s fears and concerns directly and lead them to make the best decision – to select you to create their dream project.
  • Know exactly what your clients value and avoid nasty surprises or confrontations about miss-set expectations.
  • If you only provide services by an hourly fee and mark-up, you are in a no-win situation with the client or prospect.
  • Quit fighting outdated and unpopular pricing and business strategies that don’t work with today’s economy and rapidly changing consumer attitudes.

Prospects don't know how to differentiate your services when they compare your hourly rate to another designer and you're losing great projects because of it. Your prospect focuses entirely on the hourly rate and they select the least expensive designer without knowing why you are the most qualified professional.

Here's my story...

One of my prospects bought a $4.85 million dollar spec home that I designed inside and out... down to the iron and glass porch cover and custom cast stone exterior details... and I didn't get the job even though I could have saved them lots of money because I already knew exactly what they needed!

I could see their faces go white when I told them my rate. I knew I lost the job the instant I said how I charged.

I was devastated.

And what's worse... I knew that home so well that I could have done the design work in half the time and I knew what would make that home sing!

And when I saw it on a Christmas tour... my worst fears were confirmed...

The other designer botched the job!

I knew I wasn't the only one suffering with this challenge.

I struggled with this so many times, and it frustrated me because I knew I was the perfect designer for so many jobs, and yet my high fees scared my clients and lost jobs for me.

I just couldn't figure out what to do differently... until I spent 18 months of thinking, searching, reading, analyzing, asking questions and hitting a wall.

Finally, I came up with the answer after years of trial and error and many lost jobs. I turned my business around, and I want to help you, too. It took me years to figure it out and I want to save you the pain and frustration I felt.

I know how lonely this business is, and no one shares their secrets because they're afraid of losing clients. I'm here to help you because nothing gives me more pleasure than hearing the success stories of our students!

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Value Based Fee System!

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Now you can...

  • Control your clients so they don’t ruin your beautiful design work with products they purchase on their own without consulting with you.
  • Know exactly how much profit you’ll earn before the project starts and get paid before your work is complete so you don’t worry that you’ll receive the final payment and potentially lose all of your profit.
  • Enjoy your passion for design again.
  • Avoid the common challenges with client relationships that caused many interior designers to give up, close their businesses and face the shame of failure.

What's Wrong With Hourly Billing And Mark-Ups?

  • Bill by the hour and your income is limited to the hours you work. Get sick or take vacation and you lose money.
  • Billing by the hour limits your services into a commodity and turns off many great prospects.
  • Send a big bill to your client, surprise your client and lose their respect, income from the project and any chance for referrals.
  • Bill a large mark-up and create instant conflict with your clients that leads to painful fee negotiations and lost revenues. Lose their trust and your business with them is over.
  • Clients secretly question your motives when they see how much you make on product sales. Your client knows that the more expensive the product, the more you make. Lose instant credibility the minute your client finds an item for less money on the Internet. You can kiss that client goodbye!

About Gail Doby, ASID

  • 20+ years as a professional ASID Designer
  • NCIDQ certified
  • Designer of multi-million dollar new construction and multi-hundred thousand dollar renovation projects
  • Millions of dollars of interior design and construction jobs
  • Built design firm to nearly $900,000 in revenue before 9/11
  • Sales & Marketing with Fortune 500 company, Armstrong Word Industries, Inc.
  • Won several remodeling awards
  • Published over 60 times
  • Interior Design degree
  • Finance & Banking degree
  • Founder & CEO of Renaissance Design
  • Co-founder & CVO of Design Success University
  • Speaker
  • Author
  • Social Media Strategist

As Seen On...

How do you stay in business and get paid what you're worth? Stop billing by the hour!

"Gail's questions (from the Value Based Fees class) to qualify clients are excellent. I used them when interviewing a prospective client on the phone. Her response to the questions....'the other designers I interviewed didn't ask me these questions...I can tell from this alone that you are the designer we should hire...' Apparently, just the questions themselves gave her the confidence to hire us. It is very apparent that Gail spends a lot of time putting together these classes. I have learned A LOT, and this after being in the business for over 30 years!! Thanks Gail!

(Latest update…she is our graduate with both a $20,000 and $30,000 contract!)


"We've recently been hearing a lot about Value Based Fees, but did not know how to approach them. I now feel confident that I can charge this way and will definitely be implementing it with my next new client. I learned A LOT and have been reviewing everything so that I may implement it in the future. I'd enthusiastically recommend this class.

Rosa D.

"I needed help with putting a value to my name. I learned that it is important to set a fee before the work is done, and I also liked the discussion about the mark-up of items. I'd enthusiastically recommend this series to my peers.

Anne S.

Can’t it just be like it used to be?

  • When you enjoyed your passion for design with great clients?
  • When your happy clients referred you to their friends and acquaintances?
  • When you created beautiful spaces that magazines loved to feature?
  • When you felt confident and excited to design every day?
  • When you felt happy and fulfilled with your chosen profession?
  • When conflicts with clients were virtually non-existent and it wasn't such a struggle to get paid?

You may wonder if the Value Based Fee System really works because money is tight right now and you don’t want to waste money on an unproven class

We don’t blame you for questioning something that is new, and we're thrilled to share that it really works!

One graduate won two lucrative contracts one for $20,000 and the other for $30,000 with what she learned from the Value Based Fee System and she is thrilled! Warning! You may not experience the same results.

Another member presented a $40,000 proposal to a prospect who didn't even know him... and they increased the contract to $44,000 because they liked his approach and added to the scope of work. He'll never go back!

If you worry about losing money due to pricing mistakes and unscrupulous clients who say “while you’re at it” to get more work from you and not paying you for the added scope

Learn how to set expectations and avoid this costly mistake!

"I learned how to handle questions about my fees from difficult clients. I learned how to offer fixed fees. I'd enthusiastically recommend this series to my peers.

Sharon O.

  • Do business the way you’ve done it in the past, you’ll miss out on great projects. If you haven’t experienced the changes in consumer attitudes, you will.
  • “Insanity: doing the same thing and expecting a different result”
    -Albert Einstein
  • Get the tools, templates and checklists so you easily develop your own Value Based Fee. If you’re ready to be the most professional and confident designer in your marketplace, you owe it to yourself to invest in this series.
  • Avoid the most stressful part of the business for most designers…get clients, keep them happy and get referrals easily and effortlessly.
  • We guarantee that you’ll benefit from this series, or you can request a full refund within 30 days. All we ask is that you listen and apply these proven techniques.
  • Close more business, make more money and confidently build your business with happy clients. If you applied what you learned and you need more help, let us know and we will help you craft your first Value Based Fee proposal.

I’m ready to invest so I can be the obvious expert!
I know I have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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Here’s What’s Included For Just Two or Three Billable Hours of Revenue For Many Designers

Get instant access to your private Value Based Fee System Membership Site for one Value Based Fee without hidden membership charges the minute you sign up so you can get answers now…

Get answers to your specific questions in a Private LinkedIn Group

Nuts & Bolts Capstone Class

"Customize Your Value Based Fee Offer"

Gail Doby, ASID
Design Success University, LLC

Get ready for this two hour information-packed recording. You’ll learn the keys to successfully managing the client interview process, the mindset and practice required, what specific questions to ask before you meet the client in person, what questions to ask during the interview, how to create a three-tiered offer, pricing options and how to handle questions from your prospect that you’re not ready to answer. You’ll want to listen to this session a few times to get all of the juicy nuggets of information. Gail shares all of the secrets and process with you so you are ready to get your first Value Based Fee Project the next time the phone rings

MP3 Recording & Transcript of interview and Q & A - ($299 Value)

Module 1 Case Study
Interview with Kathy Alexander, Allied ASID

Alexander Interiors, LLC

"How to Determine Your Value Based Fees"

Kathy’s first project was a $5,000 fixed fee 20 years ago. Her fees are as much as $50 - $60,000 for a project

MP3 Recording and Transcript plus Q & A - ($97 Value)

Module 2 Case Study
Interview with Valentina Cirasola

Valentina Interiors & Designs

"Setting Fixed Fees"

Valentina shares how her unique approach of 20 years works on large renovation projects in Qatar, San Francisco and her native Italy

MP3 Recording & Transcript of interview plus Q & A from Design Success University's Business Mastery Membership Monthly Mentor Series - ($97 Value)

Module 3 Case Study
Interview with Kristi Dinner, Allied ASID

Company KD, LLC

"Fixed Fees For Happier Clients"

Kristi’s 18 years of commercial and residential experience includes many award-winning and frequently published projects. She shares her recent approach to fixed fees

MP3 Recording & Transcript of interview plus Q & A from Design Success University's Business Mastery Membership Monthly Mentor Series - ($97 Value)

Module 4 Case Study
Interview with Vicente Wolf

Vicente Wolf Associates, Inc.

“Controlling Your Clients For Profit”

Vicente Wolf’s refreshing humor and candor show that even celebrity designers have client challenges. When asked about his 38 years of experience without formal design training, he says that business skills are the key

MP3 Recording & Transcript of interview Plus Q & A - ($97 Value)

Module 5 Case Study
Interview with Amy Wolff, C.I.D.

Amy Wolff Interiors

“How To Change Your Business With Value Based Fees”

Amy shares how she transformed her business from being stressed with difficult clients to easy and fun again. Find out how you can change your business.

MP3 Recording & Transcript of Interview – ($97 Value)

Access To Private LinkedIn Group Moderated By Gail Doby, ASID

It seems so easy until it’s time to write your first Value Based Fee proposal all by yourself. Don’t struggle… get help and answers to your specific questions on the Private LinkedIn Group moderated by Gail Doby. Take the shortcuts! The best part is that you can be a part of this Private LinkedIn Group forever! (Value – Priceless!)

  • Gail’s coaching rate is $750/hour. All you have to do is ask questions in the LinkedIn Group and Gail will answer them during the weekdays.

  • Interview with Sharon Drew Morgen "Buying Facilitation® - It's Different From Sales" - MP3 Recording - ($79 Value) - Have a completely different conversation with your clients that isn't salesy and cheesy.
  • Design Success University's Testimonial Template by Gail Doby, ASID - ($47 Value) - Use this simple template to get perfect testimonials from your clients every time.
  • Pricing Strategies Worksheet - so you can easily figure your pricing for each project simply and easily - ($99 Value)
  • Client Interview Questionnaire - just print this and have it in your notebook during the client interview, and better yet, use it in your initial phone interview…you might just get the job without an in-person interview** - ($99 Value)
  • Value Based Fees Proposal Template - just fill in the blanks and print on your stationery with your normal contract - ($149 Value)
  • Telephone Interview Questionnaire - You can adapt this listed of scripted questions for yourself and then train your staff to screen prospects too. - ($49 Value)
  • Savvy Designer Kristin Drohan Shares Super Success Secrets Recording – MP3 Recording – Kristin Tells All...How She Took Her Interior Design Business From Start-up To A National Brand In Six Short Years. - ($97 Value)
  • How to Qualify Your Clients & Prevent Problems in Your Business - MP3 Recording - with Ray-Lee Mesentsev – she uses several techniques to make sure she has the right clients, and she manages her business and cash flow carefully. She shows you how to do it, too. ($97 Value)
  • Best Practices: How to Figure & Present Your Value Based Fee with Tobi Fairley - MP3 Recording She has been using this method for years, and she has a proven system for pricing her services to win the clients and run a very profitable business. ($97 Value)
  • How Value Based Fees Work and Ways to Calculate Your Fees an Interview with interior and furniture designer, Kristin Drohan – How Value Based Fees Work And Ways to Calculate Your Fees – MP3 Recording ($97 Value)

The entire value of this class is over $1,600!

Sign up now for the Value Based Fee System
Today for only

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"Knowing how to charge and for what has always been an issue that has never been comfortable. The Value Based Fees Series seemed like a system to invest in. I'd enthusiastically recommend the series.

-Kathy M.

Are you ready to...

  • Avoid shooting yourself in the foot before you hear from a prospect. It's about you and your self-confidence…boost your confidence with winning strategies that show you how to control the conversation instead of feeling desperate for business.
  • Stop wasting your time talking with unqualified prospects and make time for the clients who value your services and are willingly to pay you what you're worth so you can enjoy your business again.
  • Pre-qualify clients with a proven Client Interview Questionnaire to avoid client headaches. You get the exact questions that we gave to a graduate who used them to get a client over the phone after she had interviewed three other designers.
  • Establish yourself as an expert who puts the client’s best interests ahead of your own financial gain to separate yourself from your competition.
  • Guarantee that you talk to the financial decision-maker so you don't waste your time with time-wasting tire-kickers.
  • Eavesdrop on winning strategies that four successful designers use so you have clear guidelines to create an offer your clients willingly sign.
  • Model the case study designers and discover real-world processes to develop your perfect proposal.
  • Discover how to answer concerns and ethically sidestep fee questions until you establish your value.
  • Deflect curveball questions your client might ask to put you on the defensive so you maintain control and confidence
  • Prevent conflict over high bills and get paid for what you’re worth
  • Model Gail’s process quickly and easily and save time and years of costly trial and error caused by doing the same thing over and over again
  • Create your Value Based Fee System proposal with a step-by-step process so you know exactly how to craft an offer that your prospect will like and choose
  • Shortcut your proposal creation process with the easy fill-in-the-blanks Value Based Fee System Proposal Template
  • Create winning proposals easily that easily lead to more profitable and exciting jobs and less wasted prospect meetings
  • We show you precisely which questions naturally lead your new client to sign your agreement.
  • Stop discounting your bills and make more money, run a profitable business and enjoy the freedom you deserve with your business so you can pay for your kid's school or that much-needed vacation
  • Get paid on time and even early for your expertise
  • Listen to the MP3 recordings again and again when it is convenient for you. You’ll get the exact phrases you can use to avoid mistakes
  • Enjoy a successful and vibrant business that is rewarding and fun again.

" Tripled my business and profit in one year since using the Value Based Fee System. It works and I’m in Macon, Georgia…in a small city. I highly recommend taking this class.

-Valerie G.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Value Based Fees

Is our industry going to eventually use this method as the "main" way to charge?

Based on ASID’s survey results and with all of the opportunities for consumers to purchase pre-packaged services through Internet sites and even interior designer's own websites, I'd say yes. If this is what your clients want, why are we not giving it to them the way they want it? Besides, your time is a commodity, and there is no leverage if you bill by the hour. You're limited to how much you can make based on how many hours you work. What happens if you get sick when you bill by the hour? You lose money.

What are Value Based Fees?

They are fees based on what results you produce for your client instead of how many hours you work. You establish what they value before you make your proposal and you price according to what they want to receive in terms of a result.

How do you qualify clients for a Value Based Fee scenario?

We give you the questions and the process to follow in Gail's session. It's important to practice and prepare so you are ready to answer those meaty questions. Guaranteed…you will stand out from the competition in a positive way and win business.

How do I avoid giving away my services for free and how do I deal with scope creep?

You are in control. If your client wants to add more to the scope of work, that requires a separate agreement.

Should I take this class?

You can, but this series is recommended for experienced designers. We advise a minimum of two years of experience so you are able to fairly estimate your Value Based Fee Proposal.

Will there be a definitive step by step process, a framework, and a tool to follow when setting a fee, such as questions to ask up front?

Yes, you'll even know how to answer the toughest questions from the most challenging prospects.

I want to be the recognized design leader!
Sign me up for the Value Based
Fees System Today!

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You are not alone!

Billing for time and marking up products automatically puts you in a conflicting role that your clients may think is unethical and unfair!

Based on the traditional billing methods for our industry, the only way you can make more money is sell more products, work more hours, raise your rates, cut your expenses, or grow your business so you have other people billing their time, too.

Or is that the only way?

The economy dramatically impacted our luxury service industry. Many people can't borrow money to improve their homes, or qualify for a luxury home.

The Internet provides easy access to formerly Trade Only resources. We can't fight it, and the industry will never go back to the way it was.

HGTV increases the interest in interior design, and it skews the consumer's view of what good design is, how much it costs and how long it takes.

Many designers gave up in desperation or frustration, and that's good news for you.

Some competitors cut their hourly rates just to stay in business. Don’t play their game! Give your prospects what they really want.

Learn the pitfalls and be the leader in your market.

Take yourself out of the competitive game and stand confidently as the only choice for the savvy clients you want to attract and keep.

I spent 23 years as an interior designer thinking about the fundamental flaws of the traditional billing model for our business, and since starting Design Success University I finally found the solution.

Sign up now for the
Value Based Fee System
And Save $500!

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Warm Regards,
Gail Doby, ASID, DSA, IDS and Erin Weir
Interior Design Business Success Mentors

100% Money Back Guarantee If you're not satisfied after 30 days for any reason, just let us know by email or call us. We'll cheerfully refund your money!

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